Rhymes’s signature rat-a-tat growl pairs nicely with the slick Neptunes beat, with Diddy and Pharrell even showing up to affirm that yes, they too would enjoy a glass of Courvasier. Johnny Cash not only witnessed drug addiction through his friends, but he also suffered from his own drug and alcohol addiction. He released this iconic cover of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt” in 2002 and died in 2003. We’ve tried to include songs on our list from a wide variety of genres. Even though some may be written by rock artists and others by country or Christian singers, they are all songs about death and loss.

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to a friend or family member. While all grief comes with a wide variety of emotions, losing someone due to drug or alcohol abuse may make you incredibly angry or frustrated. Jane’s Addiction’s name came from a real-life person named Jane, who really did suffer from addiction.

‘There’s a Tear in My Beer’ by Hank Williams Sr.

In the song, the chart-topping singer offers a glimpse into the pain, struggles, and emotions of finding your way after hitting rock bottom. She desires a fresh start and cuts off all the toxic people in her life. The woman is proud of her recovery journey, unwilling to blame or compare herself to anyone. In one of the best sober songs, Kelly Clarkson describes a woman relishing a new life after three months of sobriety. In this song, A Perfect Circle describes what it is like to succumb to the effects of drug use. They describe the feeling of “being high and surrendering to the gravity.” They describe it as being in a sort of out-of-control state, which commonly occurs with drug addiction.

In it, a son describes watching his father leave his graduation even before he receives his diploma. Children of alcoholics often tell how their parents aren’t there at pivotal moments in their lives. The song “Rehab” is not nearly as optimistic as “Going Through Changes.” In it, Machine Gun Kelly describes his and his significant other’s addictive lifestyle.

Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit

For those who write about their issues with drugs and alcohol, some seem to predict their own demise. “How Could You Leave Us” tells the rapper’s story of his mother who was addicted to pills. He talks sober house about how his mother was not present during meaningful events of his life and how painful it was to watch her die from the addiction. If you are struggling with alcoholism there are resources available.

  • In the iconic 3-minute track, the singer describes how mental and physical pressure drives many people to alcohol.
  • While this song isn’t about a person’s death, it is about Kendrick Lamar’s views of alcohol.
  • Days of Wine and Roses is a classic drama that explores the damaging effects of alcoholism on a young couple’s relationship.

Pop music is characterized by music that is “catchy,” like-able by a mainstream audience, and often contains elements of other genres such as dance, hip-hop, and rock. Pop music is geared to appeal to the public, and to gain the most or biggest commercial success possible. This genre also has a big influence on young listeners, as it’s what most people will hear on the radio. Additionally, with the rise of “bro-country,” there has been an increase in alcohol-related arrests and deaths at popular country artists’ concerts.

Don’t Become Another #RIP Status – Multi Concept Recovery Can Help

She’s gonna “feel [her] tears as they dry” which means that she might be feeling depressed. “Keep my glass full til morning light” is a lyric that describes that you can’t stop drinking because you’re not ready to face your problems. When the night is over and “sun is up, [Sia’s] a mess” because reality and real living comes back.

However, one of the most common things mentioned in these genres is alcohol. In fact, rap music includes the largest number of liquor brand-name mentions than any other genre of music. The majority of rap and hip-hop listeners are teenagers and young adults, and this has directly influenced the rate of and attitude towards youth substance abuse. Young people who listen to rap and hip-hop music are more likely to have problems with alcohol, drugs, and violence than listeners of other types of music. This haunting duet tells the story of a man who becomes addicted to alcohol after his love abandons him. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lead singer Anthony Kiedis wrote this track about the loneliness of addiction.

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